Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Kitchen Mayhem

I have so much sourdough. Please send help, or collect some while you peruse these links.

New Hampshire governor says he's discussed neutral site games with NHL |
I mean, sure, I guess?

Byfuglien, Jets agree to terminate contract | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
It sounds like even the lack of airport wasn't enough to keep Dustin Byfuglien in Winnipeg. Sometimes, you just have to take a frantic metaphorical road trip to freedom, and by "freedom" I mean "giving up fourteen million dollars so you don't have to be a Winnipeg Jet any more". Yikes.

The best players to never win the Patty Kazmaier | The Ice Garden
The NCAA is gonna need a bigger awards cabinet.

Flames' Cam Talbot proved his worth, but return to Calgary in question |
But is he going to win a Masterton for not playing goal in Edmonton too? I hear that's what it takes to get one these days. (This is a jab at Devan Dubnyk, not any of the people who’ve actually won the Masterton for actual reasons.)

Which top UFA goalie deserves the biggest contract? |
I'm just glad Braden Holtby got the hardware and the ring before, well, this. It's awkward that by the time people started noticing how incredibly good he was he wasn't as good, but these things happen.

Andrei Markov announces retirement | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I do question his decision to take zero years instead of one year from the Canadiens when he wanted two, but it's not my life.

How one season in KHL helped Flames' Giordano develop 'a lot' |
It's interesting to hear him talk about experiencing the language and culture barrier as a player--I wonder if that really does translate to the way he captains the Flames.

Mythical Best on Best: Misfits | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
One day, someone will actually select Nicklas Backstrom for something.

Players, fans get creative to raise funds in hockey minors | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I'm still blown away by how little ECHL players make while risking their long-term health. It's great that some NHLers are getting involved to help, but it would be better if the actual parent league got involved in supporting its development leagues (plus, you know, its own employees and contractors).

The 2016-17 Pride were the best team that didn’t win the Isobel Cup | The Ice Garden
I still remember how stunned I was by this one. Just--gobsmacked. I'd lost my faith in defense and I wasn't sure I believed in goaltending, especially after how the Preds' 2016 season had ended. I'd resigned myself to hockey only being goals, goals, and more goals.

Beauts goaltender Brianne McLaughlin was otherworldly in the 2017 Isobel Cup Final. Sports are so weird, and sometimes they're wonderful.