Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Marquee Return

Yeah, you know it.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Laviolette says he's never challenged a player to 'go out there and fight' |
Personally—not as an editorial comment; right now as a site I don’t know that we have much to say—I really hope he's telling the truth on both of these (what Daniel Carcillo said about pressuring players to fight, and the Ville Leino incident). It's not exactly a secret that I've had some opinions about the Preds' coaching, but it's not a coaching situation I want resolved with Laviolette having done something bad.

On a lighter note:

Preds, Hunt Brothers Pizza Add Arcade at Bridgestone Arena |
The arcade is free, which is neat if you're into arcades and surprising if you've heard what I have about the prices of things once they get you into a sports arena and shut the door.

Other News & Notes:

Subban on Devils' struggles, production: 'I'm not worried about my points' |
Anyone else thinking hat trick tonight or is it just me?

Manon Rhéaume is getting her own statue in Quebec City | The Ice Garden
She deserves it.

Also noteworthy: the mention that no woman has yet been inducted into the HHoF as a builder. I can kind of see it--Rhéaume is probably the person who most obviously comes to mind for that--but at the same time I regret it.

Canadiens' Carey Price continues to show poor November was anomaly |
Now let's hope the same thing can soon be said about Pekka Rinne.

Canadiens’ Shea Weber bloodied after blocking shot with his face (Video) | ProHockeyTalk

The article notes, calmly, that Weber "somehow did not miss a shift after that play." Can you please stop trying to break him anyway, Montreal? Thanks.

Analytics: Introducing the shot metric “Steady” | The Ice Garden
It's so frustrating watching people trying to do analytics work in women's hockey with a couple of pieces of string and a paperclip, and ridiculous that the NWHL went backward instead of forward this past offseason with the data it's making available.

Hurricanes tease Petr Mrazek by spray painting his body on the ice day after Joe Thornton punch | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I'm glad they're still having fun in Carolina.

Canucks' Ferland: 'Got to be smarter' after fight leads to concussion |
It's great that players are considering these things and starting to make the decision for themselves that they should fight less, but can we talk about how this article, which acknowledges that concussions are bad, also includes the phrase "a shot to the back of the head after the Canuck lost his helmet. It really didn't look like anything"? Buddy, punched in the back of the head while helmetless always looks like something.

Nikita Zaitsev accused of taking children from his ex-wife (UPDATED) | Silver Seven
This is an incredibly disturbing story.

(Also, be aware that for some reason one of the social media posts embedded in the article--the one presumed to belong to Zaitsev's father--is a short essay posted under a macro photograph of a housefly, so maybe scroll fast if you're reading links while eating breakfast.)

Laila Anderson meets bone marrow donor | ProHockeyTalk
This is the only Blues #content I'm interested in.

Edmonton Oilers interested in Taylor Hall but likely to be outbid | Edmonton Journal
Y'all destroyed his confidence, only didn't screw up his development completely because he's just that good, and then blamed him and ran him out of town, and now you want him BACK? No.

Maple Leafs' Pontus Aberg finding balance between parenthood, hockey |
Being a single parent and a professional athlete seems...yikes.