Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Matinee

Today’s Saturday hockey comes to you early. In the meantime, we’ve got links.

7Element: An Organization with a Mission for Veterans and First Responders | On the Forecheck
Today's long read is Shaun's great piece on what 7Element is and does.

Push for the Playoffs: West Wild Card picture still unclear | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Complex tiebreaker scenarios are fun and all, but can we talk about how what the NHL calls "parity" is really just "not having that many good teams"?

NHL tells players to limit contact with fans due to coronavirus concern |
As an organization the Sharks are usually pretty smart, which makes their decision to not cancel a large gathering in Santa Clara County even odder.

Healthy Carter Hart driving Flyers recent climb in standings | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Pleased for my Flyers friends that Carter Hart might be the real thing after all.

Beauts’ Klimasova, Curmova get a visit from Slovakia | The Ice Garden
If it's hard to imagine what it's like for NHL players to move across an ocean for work, well, at least they can afford to fly their families over as often as they want or need. Women's hockey players don't have that luxury, and this story is sweet, warm, and relatable.

Flames' season of setbacks finally serving them well in crunch time |
I'm always skeptical of those "this team has been playing badly all year and now they've finally figured out how to win while playing badly" stories.

Islanders, Hurricanes slide leaves playoff door open for Rangers | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
There are teams I like in the Metro, and there are teams I don't like in the Metro. I'm just gonna say that this headline does not please me and leave it at that, even though 100% of the feelings I have about the Isles are just that they would have been my grandfather's team if he'd been a hockey fan.

Maple Leafs' California catastrophe could haunt them down the line |
Surely even for Toronto "catastrophe" is putting "losing three sports games" a little strongly.

How to watch PWHPA Dream Gap Tour in Arizona | The Ice Garden
I had some things come up this week which meant I am not able to run off to watch the Arizona stop of the Dream Gap Tour in person this weekend, and yes, I'm mad about that. The Ice Garden has us covered with streaming info, but that's alas not quite the same.

Canucks coach talks slump, playoff race: 'You gotta love the pressure' |
Do you gotta love the pressure, though? Do you really?

Devils end Blues eight-game winning streak | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
This morning, we are all Devils fans. Also, what a night for Cory Schneider.