Saturday’s Dump & Chase: No Rest for the Weary

The weary is us. Or at least me. But maybe also all of us, especially if we’re weary of a lack of hockey?

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Tolvanen Ready to Push for Spot on Opening Night Roster with Preds |
Eeli Tolvanen shaping up quickly into the player we all hoped we’d get to see soon when he was drafted would be a balm for weary nerves this season, especially if the power play sorts itself out as well.

2019 Nashville Predators Prospect Rankings: Centers | On the Forecheck
Eric wraps up his great position sneak peeks with a look at the Preds’ center prospects and AHLers.

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Cody McLeod | On the Forecheck
Shaun takes a look at the locker-room glue in a toppling house of cards.

Other News & Notes

Four women officials to participate in NHL prospect tournaments |
This is super cool, plain and simple. Kelly Cooke, one of those four, will be one of the officials at the Preds’ prospect tournament, and I was extremely excited about that right up until I read that she officiated the World Women’s Hockey Championships this spring (although it does look like Finland’s gold was taken away by the video review judges, not the referees).

Powerful Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs hands team to his six kids | ProHockeyTalk
They’re really leaning on that “kinder, gentler Bettman” angle Shaun mentioned in his D&C yesterday.

John Klingberg believes Stars ‘absolutely’ can win Stanley Cup |
What’s he supposed to say, that their chances are f---ing horses---? (He could easily be right, it’s just that it’s a ridiculous question to ask because nobody’s going to give any answer but this one, whether or not it’s going to be correct.)

How the Canadian Women’s Hockey League fell apart | SBNation
It absolutely blows my mind how much they left even the teams’ general managers out of the loop on this one. I can’t fathom it. I don’t even begin to try to guess what it must have been like for everyone involved.

Does Gardiner signing make Hurricanes the NHL’s best defense? | ProHockeyTalk
I mean...I’d say so, personally. I’m not really sure who to offer as an alternative. The talent pool is deep, the contracts are cheap, the NHL skill is very much present... I wish Canes fans joy and a lack of controversy in their d-corps.

Jack Hughes shows smarts in Devils prospects’ losing debut |
The Metro is definitely going to be an exciting place this season.

Chara admits he might miss Bruins’ season-opener | ProHockeyTalk
But...but...some guy on Twitter told me that Chára was tough so it was totally fine that he was playing a full-contact sport where the opponents were deliberately targeting his already-broken jaw! (Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure Chára is indeed extremely tough. Please don’t let him come to my house and loom at me.)