Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Onward

News from around hockey for your Saturday.

Tampa Bay Lightning's Nikita Kucherov returns, has 2 assists in win over Calgary Flames | ESPN
He hasn’t lost it.

Western Hockey League suspends activities for 15 teams, postpones 8 games due to COVID-19 | Associated Press
The NHL is far from the only league that's been struggling.

What makes Cale Makar a special kind of new-age defenceman |
The headline suggests crystals and incense, but the article is a great breakdown of a talented and fun young player (no crystals involved, except ice crystals).

Hayley Wickenheiser pushing for equality for women in hockey -- one stick at a time | ESPN
I'd assumed that women's hockey equipment was probably more expensive (the "pink tax")--not that it didn't really exist at all.

P.E.I. hockey player suspended after criticizing league's response to racist incident |
Things like this give me hope for hockey culture after all. (Some of) the kids are, as they say, alright.

Wicked Angles: Video review a necessary, yet underutilized change for the PHF | The Ice Garden
There's a lot of fearmongering about over-reviewing plays, in both the PHF and the NHL, but it just makes sense that the fans would prefer the call be slower and right than fast and wrong. It's better for the sport.