Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Reset, Restart

Some links to start your Saturday off.

Carolina Hurricanes create website to troll Montreal Canadiens, only to have it hacked | ESPN
Canes social media and brand management continues to be refreshingly creative for the NHL.

Early impressions of Canada's NHL teams in return to normal divisions |
I don't know how to deal with a world in which the Edmonton Oilers might actually be good.

Mark Scheifele follows Blake Wheeler on Winnipeg Jets' COVID list | ESPN
Bad news both for Scheifele and Wheeler and for the Jets--best wishes to the affected players, their families, and their teammates.

Penguins' Crosby has no target date for return, Jarry's test was false positive |
Every time I read about how Crosby had this injury for seven years I just start screaming inside. Good news for Tristan Jarry, though, although Jeff Carter remains in protocol.

Sources: Jack Eichel's camp to meet with Buffalo Sabres, make final case for disk replacement surgery | ESPN
The fact that the Sabres refuse to lower their asking price, more than anything else, makes me wonder what is going on in that office. They can't actually compel Eichel to have the treatment they want him to and he doesn't want to have, as I understand it--if I'm wrong that's completely dystopian--so what do they think they're accomplishing here?

The undefeated Buffalo Sabres are in first place. They’ve won three consecutive games to start a season for the first time in 13 years. | RMNB
I'm a little worried Sabres management is taking the wrong lesson away from this, really. (They did drop to 3-1 since this article, but still--it's a fantastic start, for the Sabres. Or for anyone.)

New Jersey Devils place Jack Hughes on IR with dislocated shoulder | ESPN

Mohawk Council of Kahnawake 'repulsed' by politicization of Canadiens' land acknowledgment |
Well, that's...a messy situation following from Montreal Canadiens brass actually attempting to do a good thing for a change.