Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Scheduling

Things are going some way or another.

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators Sign Ben Harpur to One-Year, Two-Way Contract | On The Forecheck
We’ll have a further breakdown of this, um, interesting choice later.

Other Hockey News

NHL, Daly state case for early-June draft in memo sent to teams |
This...sounds like the league is less than optimistic about getting the season finished, to me. I have no inside information at all, but.

Bettman confirms NHL could delay start of 2020-21 season, if need be |
Whether or not the NHL is able to resume in 2020-21, shorter seasons would be good for overall player health, in terms of wear and tear as well as injury rehab.

Davis overcomes hip surgery to be No. 1 pick in NWHL draft | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
She had both hips repaired. BOTH. I'm going to, um, not complain about my cat's latest attempt to remove my foot.

Bruins sign goalie Jaroslav Halak to one-year extension |
Honestly, why not.

Capitals' Hathaway surprises fan who made masks | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
What I want to know is, is the kid's mom also a Caps fan, or is he just getting all the credit? Either way, this is cute and heartwarming, so.

NWHL players react to Toronto expansion | The Ice Garden
A remarkable amount of goodwill towards Toronto in the women's league, not currently--as far as I know--really shared in the men's.

What is your favorite hockey call of all-time? | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
The "Off the floor, on the board, Paul Kariya!" call might have been great in a movie, but knowing what happened to the very least it's uncomfortable seeing so many people discuss the moment without addressing how dangerous it was for the Ducks to have sent him back out.

Treliving: Testing key to NHL's return, but front-line workers come first |
Some good perspective here from the Flames GM.

Blues' Kelly donating plasma for COVID-19 | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Announcer John Kelly is donating his plasma--and hopefully his antibodies--to COVID-19 patients.

This quiz will tell you which NWHL team to cheer for | The Ice Garden
This quiz told me that I should be cheering for the Minnesota Whitecaps in defiance of a family feud that has existed with the state of Minnesota since my uncle moved there and started putting mayo on fries, and only kicked up since I got into hockey and learned that the Wild exist, but it was a fun couple of minutes until then.

Not Hockey News

Women's soccer claim of unequal pay tossed, can argue travel |
Not hockey, but I saw it in passing when dropping by Sportsnet and what in all heck. As someone on Twitter said a few years back, the women do all the winning and the men get paid like they do.