Saturday's Dump&Chase: Shaking off the Blues

Nashville Predators News

Bright Spots in the Early Going - Nashville Predators - Blogs

Stu Grimson gives us his early season stars

Predators atop NHL at even strength

Which basically means we are just the best team if you want to get technical

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Vladimir Tarasenko's scoring tear; sad Jackets among week's plusses, minuses - NHL -

yeah, that guy gain...

Vladimir Tarasenko among elite Russian NHL players, St. Louis Blues top team in power rankings - Super 16: NHL Power Rankings


Behold, the second round of the WHL Best Name of the Year bracket | Post-to-Post

These names are AWESOME

Your eyes are lying about soft goals in hockey (Puck Momalytics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

I dont know, nothing you can say will convince me some goals just aren't bad.

Kronwall scores on a crazy bounce off the boards Video - NHL VideoCenter

Um, what?

Blame Arrogance, Not Therrien, for Habs Woes

Its a Canadian team, it must be news!

Vancouver’s Green Men are retiring | Puck Drunk Love

We will miss them so much....except we wont.

Letter to My Younger Self | The Players' Tribune

This is a pretty cool read.

Post 2 Post: Various styles lead to success among NHL goaltenders - Article - TSN

Guess which one Pekka is (other than super powered wizard, which wasn't listed)

Westhead: Maple Leafs go to China hoping to mimic Manchester United's success - Article - TSN

If you cant win in the NHL, win in China!

Suspend him or not: Alex Ovechkin check to the head on Niklas Hjalmarsson | Post-to-Post

Ok, this is the second one in as many games, hey wont suspend him because he's a super star, but if it was anyone least hes trying to play defense now?

Someone in Congress caught editing Wikipedia page of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky | Daily Mail Online

National Pride was on the line, and someone finally stepped up.

And now, to start the weekend off right, the only blues anyone should enjoy this weekend: