Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Some Peace of Mind in San Jose

The Predators had a good Thursday night game and we got to back off the panic button for a bit. Now we see how tonight goes.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Prospect Report: February | On the Forecheck
Eric talks college players approaching the ends of their seasons, players overseas, and more.

Five-Hole Friday: Turbulence | On the Forecheck
Rachel brings a dose of optimism.

Other News & Notes

NHL explains controversial ‘no goal’ call in Leafs-Flyers game | Sportsnet
Ooh, a controversy! Intent to blow? Stopping play because the referee blinked and forgot what the puck looked like? I wonder what—

“Video review determined the net was off its moorings prior to Auston Matthews’ shot.”

...Only in Canada is that a controversial no-goal call. I’d say that at least John Tavares has a point about the possibility of goalies knocking their own nets off on purpose, except that’s already against the rules.

In city centers, a determined effort to diversify hockey | AP
I like that the people quoted in this article recognize that this benefits everyone—not just the kids who are being introduced to hockey, but the league and the viewers, because some of those kids are gonna be amazing. #GrowTheGame

Kuemper’s outstanding 2019 is driving Coyotes’ playoff push | ProHockeyTalk
Speaking of #GrowingTheGame, with the Wild floundering and the Avalanche thinking about making a bold push to get both Kaapo Kakko and Jack Hughes this June, the Coyotes are getting healthy just in time to make a push in the opposite direction.

Truth By Numbers: Why Ben Bishop deserves some Vezina Trophy attention | Sportsnet
Kudos to Andrew Berkshire for going with something a little more logic-based than “because he’s seventeen feet tall.”

An aspiring sports reporter stumbles into the NHL GM meetings | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I was prepared to cringe, but this is actually about reporter Julia Karron’s experience with the other reporters who were there to cover the GM meetings. It’s a story about people established in a profession being nice, not a story about the new kid getting embarrassed in public.

One league FAQ — The NWHL and CWHL players want it; the NHL awaits | ESPN
The Riveters have struggled this year, while the Beauts have been picking up steam all season and look amazing at this point. Guess which of these teams gets consistent time on practice ice and which team spent the start of the season bouncing around without a facility!

Laine has rekindled passing ability, and goalies should be very afraid | ProHockeyTalk
Oh. Goody.

O’Reilly bringing youth hockey team to game in Ottawa |
I’m not even mad that it’s the Blues. This is a great response from Ryan O’Reilly, and I hope that it helps the kids some.