Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Taking It Slow

Not that we really have a choice.

How hockey world united in 'collective mission' to equip front-line personnel |
“…It’s really very heartwarming and kind of puts a lump in your throat when you read the orders coming in."

Whitecaps broadcaster Kelly Schultz puts her passion to work sewing masks during pandemic | The Ice Garden
There are pictures of these masks, and they're amazing.

Senators offer facilities to Ontario government during COVID-19 pandemic |
Ontario has not yet gotten back to Eugene Melnyk about whether they have a practical use for the Canadian Tire Centre. I am cringing a litttle remembering Melnyk's response when he didn't get the PR coverage of another medical charity project of his that he wanted; I really hope that this doesn't turn into a repeat of that.

Canes plan to to 'make whole' furloughed full-time employees | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
At least the Hurricanes are continuing to offer healthcare to their furloughed employees, but telling the ones who can't get unemployment that they have to wait to get back to work to get a bonus to make up the difference is...definitely the kind of thing that someone who's never had to wait for their next paycheck to buy groceries would come up with.

(The article is a little ambiguous; if the bonus is for people who are already making a lot of money and will continue to get a livable amount through unemployment, I retract that objection.)

Rangers investigating use of racial taunts during video chat with K'Andre Miller |
Gross and awful. It is at least something good that a couple of Miller's teammates--Jacob Trouba and Ryan Strome--jumped in to agree that it's totally unacceptable, instead of it just being someone in Rangers and NHL PR saying things that might not get echoed by the people Miller actually, y'know, works with.

Hockey players in the minors face uncertainty, job fears | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Looking at these ECHL salaries is sobering.

Actual Fun Stuff

Highlighting an unheralded player from Canada's Western Conference teams |
This is a really neat concept and a good way to fill some time.

Best NHL teams to not win Stanley Cup | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Who's your pick?

The Unofficial NWHL All-Rookie Team | The Ice Garden
The Ice Garden looks at some exceptional new talent in the pro game.