Saturday's Dump & Chase: The Preds Should Score Six Goals Every Game

I should totally be a head coach. Really, though...last night's game was very entertaining. Up and down, lots of scoring, and the guys seemed really aggressive. It helped that Calgary sucks, but still. I did hate to see Pekka get pulled, but these things happen. On the #Grit note, our old friend

Nashville Predators News

Terry Crisp envisions 'new avenue' with Predators-Predators Insider

And they should name it "Crispy Boulevard". Or "Crispy Street". Or "Crispy Court".

Matt Cullen Vents Frustration-The Tennessean

Matt Cullen would be a welcome contributor to our OTF community. Would fit right in.

Rookie is last remaining Predator to appear in every game this season |

When I see a dumb Seth Jones turnover, I think...HE'S 19 YEARS OLD! And he's gonna be awesome in a year or two.

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Which NHL teams rely on their top 3 scorers? - CBC

The Preds employ a "balanced" scoring approach.

NHL Grab Bag: Is Ovechkin’s Bracket Busted Yet? -Grantland

Plus, an in-depth discussion on "tanking"

‘It was a gutless move’: Blue Jackets react to Nash shoving Bobrovsky | ProHockeyTalk

Is being gutless a lower or upper body injury?

Say goodbye to the Islanders' black jerseys, the worst in sports - Sporting News

There's no way in the world these were the worst jerseys in sports. I hate when people make wild, overly opinionated statements like this. They're the worst people ever.

ESPN increases coverage of the NCAA Hockey Tournament | Awful Announcing

Baby steps.

Glass-banging hockey fan knocked down by hit in Canadiens game (Video) | Puck Daddy

Hey, you wanted to be involved in the you're involved.

Memorable 'NHL fans gone wild' moments -

Settle down, folks. It's just a game.

Goalie And Ref Try To Save Their Dad, Who Is Fighting In The Stands-Deadspin

Settle down, folks. It's STILL just a game.

Which San Jose Shark is most like Sonic the Hedgehog? - Battle of California

The results may surprise you.