Saturday’s Dump & Chase: There Is Just One Thing I Need

...It’s hockey being back and played safely

Nashville Predators News

Not a whole lot today, but at least there’s a great story to remember:

"Nah, Sign My Head" - How the Preds Helped One Fan Battle Cancer |
This has always been a wonderful story, and I'm glad they're sharing it again.

Around Hockey

Hockey Canada confident WJC can be played in 'safe environment' |
Canada is confident the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship will be played in a safe environment - but nothing is certain anymore, so who knows what will happen.  We can only hope they do what's best for the young people on the team and what's best for their health.

Could the NHL actually benefit from a January start? - Video - TSN
Will the NHL's late start in January benefit from the NFL/NBA already in progress?

Percentage Luck in Hockey, Explained | JFresh’s Newsletter
PDO - or shooting percentage plus on-ice save percentage - seems to fallen out of the limelight in most circles.  However, there's a lot to be learned from it even today, and JFresh does a great job breaking it down.

Be Less Wrong | Big Body Presence Newsletter
Kent Wilson discusses why the "controversy" of analytics in and around hockey is not only inevitable, but necessary

Why NHL teams should take note of the BC Women | Low Cycle Newsletter
Why emulating the Boston College women's hockey team could teach a lesson to NHL teams about how they structure the power play.  Please, pay attention Nashville.

NWHL plans to play 20-21 season in a bubble | The Ice Garden
A great move by the NWHL - the bubble has been by far the most effective method of playing sports safely.

Tweet (Topic) of the Day

In lieu of highlighting a single tweet, instead I’ll direct you to search for the TONS of Erik Karlsson discussion that’s been going on.  It’s been pretty informative.

Song of the Day

There’s no resisting it anymore.  We’re past Thanksgiving, the Christmas creep is in full effect, and Mariah Carey demands the sacrifice of our brains as her song invades our heads for the next month.