Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Try to Turn the Tide

No, the whole thing isn’t Johnny Cash references.

Nashville Predators News & Notes:

An Introduction to Predators Hockey in Nashville | On the Forecheck
Ann wrote a brief introduction to hockey for any family or friends you lured into watching opening night who are now asking for more. Or you can give it to family or friends and then sit 'em down for tonight's game! Whatever works.

All Hail the Preds' “Rally Tavern,” Your New Hockey Overlord | On the Forecheck
I am anti-pedal-tavern, and I am extremely anti-the-org-doubling-down-on-something-that-is-making-their-own-fans-angry-because-they-think-it's-funny, but I'm also pro-Nick's-article. It was too good to turn down.

Preds Foundation, Smile Direct Club Announce First SuperGrant Recipient |
The Nashville Predators Foundation will be supporting various community organizations--the first one is ShowerUp, working to provide hygiene supplies and opportunities to people without housing. Good for them.

Other News & Notes:

Why goals are rising in the NHL ⁠— and can we expect more in 2019-20? |
Andrew Berkshire takes a look at the trends in increased goals (they're happening, except--sigh--on the Preds' power play) and decreased save percentage (it's also happening, though we've been lucky). His conclusion: offense is getting better and teams are making more dangerous plays.

NWHL Preview: Whale’s Doyle returns with sights set on inspiring the next generation | TheHockeyNews know, I was all set to make a comment of some kind about Shannon Doyle’s determination to keep getting women’s hockey out there regardless of pay structure, and then I got to the point where she’s excited about Colton Orr (yes, that Colton Orr) as a head coach for the Whale telling them all to play in a blue-collar kind of way and this being held up as great coaching advice, and now that’s what I’m stuck on.

I mean, good luck to the Whale; they’ve had a rough go of it and I’m sorry about the mean things I said in 2015-16 when they went about a million regular-season games before they lost one, but oof.

Polak's agent rips Bruins announcer Jack Edwards for 'karma' comment |
1) NESN is garbage (I still haven't forgiven them for the way they covered Anton Blidh concussing Roman Josi, which for my sins was the broadcast I was watching at that time). It's 2019; you'd think they'd be getting tired of it by now.

2) Agreeing with agent Allan Walsh about things is weird.

Stars’ Roman Polak suffered ‘small fracture’ of sternum | ProHockeyTalk
Speaking of the Polak injury... It sounds like he's going to be okay, but can I just note that "small fracture of the sternum" is just one of those phrases that sounds inherently...weird, like deep-fried ice cream but with a lot fewer delicious calories and a lot more pain.

Blue Jackets take shot at departed stars in pump-up video |
It's reasonable, I think, for fans of pro sports teams to feel emotionally connected to players, and to want those players to feel the same kind of emotional connection: loyalty to the team and by extension its fans.

It's not reasonable for teams to expect loyalty from their players. If a player shouldn't leave without the GM's and fans' permission, why should a GM be able to trade a player? I was reminded last week that Mikael Granlund was traded while his fiancee was in labor, and he's not the only NHLer to have had that happen. Medical situations, family crises, just bought a house in the city and want to stay forever, whatever--the GMs don't care, because it's a business. Why should the players be the only ones who have to care?

Henrik Lundqvist reaches another impressive milestone | ProHockeyTalk
I have a friend who's a Capitals fan and another friend--sorry--who's a Penguins fan, so my impression of Henrik Lundqvist has never been precisely warm, but the man has had a truly remarkable career.

Welcome to the 2019-20 NWHL season preview! | The Ice Garden
The NWHL is back, and our colleagues at The Ice Garden get you caught up on how to watch, what to watch for, and all that other season-preview goodness.

Senators' Colin White ready for challenge as team's No. 1 centre |
Cons: Had to ask myself "Who is Colin White?" when I saw this headline.

Pros: Has been years since I had to ask myself "Who is Cody Ceci?" or "Who is Eugene Melnyk?" or, for that matter, even "Who is Mike Hoffman?", so it definitely could be worse.