Saturday’s Dump & Chase: When September Ends

It’s still May, but I had to double check.

NHL postpones 2020 international schedule | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
We all knew this was coming, but sigh.

Korean soccer gives NHL first glimpse of what return could look like |
"No spitting" is something the NHL has struggled with since before the mumps days, but maybe this will help players break the habit.

How COVID-19 will change pro hockey's 'sick season' forever |
It's honestly felt like screaming into the void for years about how players are humans with bodies, and sometimes those bodies don't work so good. If the NHL can let sick players recover, as Bourne thinks they will after this, maybe soon they'll also let injured players recover? Wild stuff.

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Buffalo Beauts | The Ice Garden
The Beauts had a rough season. It's hard to guess how much of what went wrong for them was the loss of, y'know, a bunch of their players, and how much was the loss of their owners, but given that every NWHL team lost players...maybe, and this is big so hear me out, having rink time and stuff is helpful.

How a hockey analyst is helping experts in the fight against COVID-19 |
Backgrounds in math, model comparisons, and dataviz are...really useful right now.

Remembering the 'Oops, I Did It Again' gold medal-winning goal | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
The rerun is tomorrow at 2, if you feel like getting a little hockey in your weekend.

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Metropolitan Riveters | The Ice Garden
I still have a soft spot for the Rivs--it's my Brooklyn heritage coming out, even though they're in New Jersey now (note: as it happens I don't actually cheer for any Brooklyn teams in any sport I actually follow)--and I'm glad that they've finally got good coaching and management. Hopefully some other things will turn around soon.

Canadiens agree to terms on entry-level contract with Alexander Romanov |
Signings march on.

Women rise above misogynistic online attacks | Winnipeg Free Press
I thought I was done reading anything to do with the Leipsic mess, but then I saw this article, which is only barely about the mess itself. It’s a much more optimistic read, focused on a couple of the women who were insulted in that group chat instead of the jerks doing the insulting.