Saturday’s Dump & Return to Play: Chase

We could have official information as soon as early next week.

The Board of Governors will meet tomorrow or Monday, and then voting will occur.

NHL and NHLPA have tentative deal on 56-game season |
The playoff setup sounds like it's going to be interesting--and also sounds like cross-division wild cards are out. It'll definitely be worth seeing if that sticks around in a (hopefully) post-COVID world.

Issues with Canadian health authorities could see all NHL games in U.S. | ProHockeyTalk
My gut feeling is that it's British Columbia that's holding things up again, just like it was this summer when the NHL wanted Vancouver as a bubble city and BC didn't like the idea.

Ontario government still hopes to keep Maple Leafs, Senators in Canada |
I mean...yes. That...there is revenue. I don't think anyone is in doubt that the Ontario government wants to keep the Maple Leafs in Canada.

NHL, NHLPA reach tentative agreement for 56-game season | ProHockeyTalk
I have some questions about these tolled contracts. Obviously a contending team wouldn't pressure a good player to sit out to keep him under contract for one more year, but I'm still a little surprised nobody objected.