Shea Weber Injury: Practice Return Scheduled for Friday, With a Visor

Nashville Predators fans are getting a welcome bit of news this afternoon, as it appears that captain Shea Weber is getting closer to returning to action. The team's communications manager Kevin Wilson just sent out the following update:

The topic of visor-wearing has been a hot one around Nashville in light of Weber's injury, as the puck which struck him in the forehead would presumably have done less damage if he was wearing some form of facial protection, as the NHL now mandates for new players (veterans are grandfathered into having an option, just as they used to with wearing helmets). The big question is whether or not Weber will wear a visor just until this current injury situation resolves itself, or whether it becomes part of his routine for the long term.

The team also sent out an email to media members saying that Weber will address his eye injury with them tomorrow after practice, and will travel with the team to Washington, although it's uncertain as to whether he'll be ready to play in that game.