Stanley Cup Final Predictions

We're either faced with another team being able to drop the "how many cups you got?" line, or the ultimate heel (Crosby) getting another ring.


Who wins the cup?

Who will win the Conn Smythe?

Kristopher San Jose Sharks Joe Thornton
Sarge San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski
Marya San Jose Sharks Joe Thornton
Anish San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski
Link San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski
Bryant San Jose Sharks Joe Thornton
George San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski
Alex San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski
Mark Pittsburgh Penguins Phil Kessel
Dan Pittsburgh Penguins Phil Kessel


Kris: San Jose will end up splitting the first two games in Pittsburgh. After that, though? The Sharks will head back to the SAP Center and take care of business, putting the Penguins in a 3-1 hole. I think Pittsburgh can force a game six, but that's as far as it goes. Sharks win their first Stanley Cup on home ice.

Sarge: Was hoping the Lightning would have made it in so...meh. Pittsburgh has a tough team and Murray has been outstanding, but how can you not cheer for Jumbo Joe and the Sharks. I think of the Sharks as the template for which the Predators will hopefully achieve in the next few years. Plus, Spalding and the playoff legend Joel Ward and the Sharks are the easy choice both emotionally and technically. Sharks in 6.

Marya: Sharks in five, and the Pens will get lucky in their win. The Sharks' powerplay is going to completely destroy the Pens. Fleury will probably start for one game. We will just have to recycle crying Joe Thornton gifs next year.

Anish: I think this is going to be an excellent series. Both teams have good goaltenders and the ability to score in bunches. I think they alternate wins in this series all the way to Game 7. I think San Jose's depth gets them over the edge in that game to win the Stanley Cup.

Link: The Champion of the West is a mighty wind that blows across the barren American wasteland and through the streets of the eastern most town of Midwestern values known as Pittsburgh. I can already hear the trembling of their knees, barely muffled by the the Primanti Bros sandwiches that all citizens as children of the Steel City learn to weave into clothes. Harrisburg is a better city than Pittsburgh. South Pittsburg is a more interesting city than Pittsburgh. If Ohio swallowed Pittsburgh no one would miss it until Jarmo Kekäläinen signs the city to a ridiculous contract and immediate places Bridgetopia, PA on long-term injured reserve so it'll just stop bothering to show up for morning skates.

Bryant: I don't think this one goes to more than six games. San Jose's been fantastic in the playoffs and it's their time to hoist the cup.

George: Sharks in 6. The Penguins' impressive run this spring has left many thinking the Stanley Cup is theirs to lose. But the Sharks under Great American(TM) Joe Pavelski are a ruthless machine that rolls four dangerous lines that have made teams pay for every mistake they make. We all know that the road to the Stanley Cup runs through Nashville, and Sidney Crosby's Pens haven't faced that test. The Sharks did, and won out in spectacular, dominating fashion. Pittsburgh has enough talent up front to keep this series competitive, but San Jose won't need seven games to prevail.

Alex: The Sharks will dominate the series. They play a complete 200 foot game and are the hottest team in the league. The only thing that has slowed them down in this playoffs has been good goaltending. Like back in the Kings series when Jonathan Quick stood on his head and stopped... Uh, er I mean when Pekka Rinne brought his A-game for all 7 games in the series against the Preda-- Wait, no, it was when the Blues kept changing between red-hot goalies Brian Elliott and Jake Allen, stonewalling the Sharks at every---

Yeah, the Sharks are gonna dominate the series.

Mark: No, the Penguins have not matched up against a team quite like the Sharks so far this post season, but there is something about this team. I like the Penguins in semi-quick fashion; six or less games. I think Kessel is a problem and Crosby is showing up just at the right time. A high scoring series that the Pens take, that’s how this series goes.

Dan: This is going to be the NHL version of the Warriors vs. Thunder. It's a clash of styles, yet both teams want to push the pace. The Penguins' speed and shooting vs. the Sharks' possession and pressure. If Pittsburgh stays out of the box, they have a great chance to win. The Sharks have yet to play a team like the Penguins during the playoffs; the Penguins depend on their breakout speed and their ability to beat you off the rush... so the Sharks will have to respect that or they'll get burned.

Plus, I'm not sure how to cope in a world where we aren't feeling sorry for Joe Thornton.