Stars 5, Predators 2: Game Management and Breakaways

Back to backs aren't fun for anyone, but this team had a chance to win tonight to close the gap on Chicago AND clinch a playoff spot. Neither happened. Oh well.

It's no surprise that Dallas likes to score off the rush. They have the speed, and they're more than okay with the idea of trading chances with their opponents. In fact, they're in the upper tiers in the league when it comes to creating chances, and allowing them.

So when Nashville went down 3-1 in the second due to some savvy breakaways, that's a product of some bad judgement, bad scouting, and maybe some tired legs. They made a game of it, and put a siege on Dallas in the third. It just wasn't their night. Ho hum.

Random Observations

  • Playing against the Dallas Stars is like being in the room with a police dog. Sure, it's a puppy, but it is trained to hurt people and find drugs and stuff.
  • The Ryan Ellis shorty was gorgeous. It's great that the Preds have Ryan El....
  • OH NO.
  • Ellis takes a puck off the dome. Not good. He would miss the rest of the game with an infamous UBI.
  • The Preds got lazy in the first, and let Jamie Benn get behind the defense.
  • Really? The Stars do breakaways? Wow man.
  • Then Jason Spezza does that thing. Gorgeous goal from a hideous man.
  • But when the Preds got a power play, Ryan Ellis wait that's Viktor Arvidsson! Nice goal!
  • Seriously, the Berserker is great on the power play. He has one plan: shoot.
  • Roussel can thank his lucky.... whatever. Weber wanted to eat him alive.
  • Let's not allow any player under 29 on this team to fight again this season, unless they call up Kamenev.
  • That third period was some terrible officiating. It was game management at its worst.
  • The Preds hit the post FOUR TIMES IN THE THIRD PERIOD.
  • Not a fan of pulling the goalie when you don't have the puck. A least win the draw first.
  • And now we have to explain a 5-2 loss when it should've been only 3-2. Roy'd.

It's been a crummy two days for the organization. There's no avoiding it.

OTF's Super Duper Stars of the Game

  • James Neal: Not sure if anyone wants it more than him right now.
  • The Post: Came up with some huge saves in the third, preserving the Stars' win.
  • Peter Laviolette: Hey, thanks for chewing out the refs during the third to get that make up call.

Tweets of the Night

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