Sunday's Dump & Chase: Points

Two games, two lost opportunities to gain any ground in the standings. This team has too much talent (not to mention payroll) for us to get used to these kind of results.

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Mayhem in Philly: An Oral History of the Epic Senators-Flyers Brawl | VICE Sports
Hard to imagine this happening in today's league.

Quick Shifts: Mitch Marner will steal your puck -
"Growing up, I always liked playing defence as well. When you track back to the puck, you get it in your hands usually. It’s just trying to help out the D and get the puck back, and when you do that, you get more chance on offence," Marner explained.

Maurice takes jab at Leafs for using age excuse -- TSN
Paul Maurice spitting straight fire at Mike Babcock.

Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy gets bittersweet 'dream come true' | Tampa Bay Times
A view of Nashville's future?

Vegas Allowed To Not Disclose Expansion Side Deals | Pro Hockey Rumors
I'm looking forward to the drama (and Bob McKenzie's twitter feed).

Clarkson Cup a next step for women's hockey | Ottawa Sun
The game is at 3 PM Central time this afternoon.

Analytics 'changes the way that you see the game' |
Statistics aren't just a way to prove your favorite defenseman is the best in the league, they can also help deepen our understanding of the game.

Zeitgeist: NHL to permanently retire No. 66 in honor of Josh Ho-Sang - Lighthouse Hockey
I completely agree with this move by the league.

Henrik Zetterberg still one of the NHL’s best leaders | Edmonton Journal
I'm fairly certain this article was written solely for the author to use the phrase "from A to Z".

Golden Knights had influence over tepid NHL trade deadline activity | Las Vegas Review-Journal
This upcoming week will be the GM meetings in Boca Raton. I'm curious as to how they'll approach the bye week and offside challenge.

Lightning, Blue Jackets lose their soccer balls |
They need some of those telescoping sticks we used to get balloons that escaped to the ceiling.