Sunday's Dump & Chase: So What? Who Cares?

So the Russians beat our Good American Boys at the World Championships. Big deal. <a href=""><strong>Take a look at the rosters</strong></a>, including maybe the biggest ringer in the history of sports who flew in on the nex

Nashville Predators News

Jones, Moses and Vesey Fall in Semifinals, Will Play for Bronze - Nashville Predators

See above.

Twangs of Music, Thwacks of Pucks -

They found the three people in Nashville who wear cowboy hats for the picture. Good times.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Miller: Annoying Blackhawks fans coming your way - The Orange County Register

Hugs for Anaheim, you guys. These people are a nationwide cancer.

Same In The End: Breaking Down Hawks vs. Ducks - The Committed Indian

SURPRISE! They've got the Hawks in 5.

Lightning stays on even keel after Game 1 loss | Tampa Bay Times

I would hope so. Lots of hockey left.

Maple Leafs, Sabres in pursuit of Mike Babcock -

Anybody else feeling happy that the Blues didn't get in the mix here?

Barry Trotz reflects on debut season with the Capitals - The Washington Post

There is talk of "hardness". There is talk of "detail".

Alex Ovechkin media apologists: It was a guarantee | New York Post

Yep. He should retire in shame, IMO.

Lack of fan respect for Habs coach Therrien ‘disappoints’ GM Bergevin - The Globe and Mail

I wonder if Poile was disappointed in me from May 2012 to April 2014.

Malcolm Davis: The NHL didn’t care about my health | National Post

An interesting read.

Russia's Putin plays with NHL veterans, scoring 8 goals - Yahoo Sports

Seems totally legit.

Taco Bell applies for liquor license in Chicago | Nation's Restaurant News

As good a place as any for a trial run.