Sunday's Dump & Chase: We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The slow, sometimes painful descent continues. It was fun while it lasted, but The Great Win Streak of 2014 had to come to an end at some point. We'll get another chance at creating memories on the upcoming road trip against three teams just as "talented" as this Preds team. I'm pr

Nashville Predators News

Postgame thoughts, Blues 4, Predators 1 | Predators Insider

15 wins, 21 losses at home...getting to .500 ain't happening this year.

Blues Capitalize On Turnovers In Victory Over Preds | Penalty Box Radio

Coach Trotz gives an EXCELLENT explanation of the Bandwagon Fan Phenomenon.

Admirals Continue To Roll, win 4-2 | Admirals Roundtable

Things are happening up north, you guys.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Team USA Sled Hockey wins second straight gold, hearts of thousands | Puck Drunk Love


Relive the Canadiens' amazing comeback win over Ottawa - Eyes On The Prize

The tying goal came with 0.4 seconds left in regulation. Wild.

Changes to draft lottery right before McDavid is no coincidence - Die By The Blade

If there's one thing I love, it's a good conspiracy theory.

St. Louis still struggling to fit in with Rangers | New York Post

"If youuu think going only 6 games without a goal sounds pretty awesome, youuu might be a Predators fan"-Potential Jeff Foxworthy Predators joke.

This is the last weekend Luongo will be news-The Province

This seems highly unlikely.

Shannon Szabados plays for men's team, inspires future female goalies | Puck Daddy

Cool story, even if Shannon plays for the hated Team Canada.

Fans suing ECHL arena over beer cup controversy -

A landmark case that we should all be watching very closely.

SB Nation's GIF Tournament V: SB


Failed Prediction Forces MSG Hockey Analyst To Eat A Hat On-Air-Deadspin

I hope he has health insurance.

VIDEO: Dunking on a Trampoline Launches Person to Failure - SportsPickle

After last night, we could all use a good laugh.