Sunday's Dump & Chase: We Got a Point Last Night!

Anybody happy to at least have gotten one point last night? Well, that's wrong. Waaaaay wrong. One point ain't gonna cut it. Not when you're ahead with a few minutes left in the 3rd period. At home. And not when five of the teams ahead of you also got at least a point. You can't make

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Hornqvist makes immediate impact for Preds in return

I was so happy he wasn't on the already very long injury list last night.

Trotz on Colin Wilson: "He's gotta score for us" - The Predatorial

He's got four goals…that's a lot, right? #Preds

Should Nashville Predators' Shea Weber wear a visor? | The Tennessean

Unless he can play without eyeballs, yeah.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL players, fans needed heads-up on medical issues | New York Post

Yeah, I don't know…I think I get it. Let's not forget there are still some players who choose not to wear a visor (see above).

Blackhawks’ Circus trip a success; beat Coyotes Saturday | ProHockeyTalk

Long road trips give you every excuse to collapse, or so I've been told. Some teams make another choice. We'll see which approach is the right one at the end of the season, I guess.

Make no mistake: almost-approved Markham arena is for an NHL team | Post-to-Post

I believe that they believe that, but…who's playing there? If they expand, somebody has to come west, right? If they're relocating a team, who's it gonna be?

Smaller goalie equipment another failed tweak | Toronto Star

Will they shave it down a bit more?

Is the West Now the Superior Conference?-The Hockey Writers

Hahahahahaha. Yes.

Kevin Bieksa drop-kicks Brian Boyle’s helmet after fight (Video) | Puck Daddy

Don't worry…his head wasn't still in it.

Patrick Marleau scores thanks to Jonas Hiller misplay -

If you're a goalie, and you're out beyond the face-off circle, and there are two opposing players in the offensive zone…you may have made a mistake in your approach. Just sayin'.

Legal look: Semyon Varlamov, assault and deportation -

I'd be VERY surprised if he got deported. But if he's guilty, maybe he should be.

November's Funniest Sports Photos - SportsPickle

Sad Alabama frat guy just sneaks in on the final day of the month for the win.