Sunday's Dump & Chase: A Return to "Predator Hockey"

Which I interpret to mean "perfect goaltending and hope for a happy accident on offense". The Predators currently sit at 10th in the West, with an eight point gap between them and the 8th spot. Do you have confidence they can close that gap? Should the 8th playoff spot even be considered a

Nashville Predators News

Predators loss to the Rangers marks Nashville's fifth shutout loss of the season - The Predatorial

Could be a record-setting season!

Smashville 24/7 - Preds unable to establish forecheck against Rangers

Or anything else.

Poile says Olympics roster will look similar to 2010's | The Tennessean

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Craig Smith or Seth Jones were on that team.

This was hanging on the rack behind the customized jersey counter at Bridgestone last night. If you're out there, step forward and explain yourself.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Ken Hitchcock climbs to eighth all-time in coaching wins | ProHockeyTalk

Remember that time the Blues fired their coach in November to change things up, resulting in the team being awful for a few years while everyone adjusted to a new system? Ok, do you at least remember the first part?

Flyers Turnaround Reminiscent of 2009-10 Success | Post-to-Post

But they changed coaches this year. No way they turn things around. (Editor's Note: Read the first paragraph in the link. PLEASE.)

NHL’s playoff structure is ridiculous | New York Post

Yeah, pretty much.

Senators accuse Red Wings of diving ‘like there was water out there’ | Puck Daddy

Say it ain't so!

Grabovski leaves Toronto with yet another scar -

This time, it wasn't just his feelings that were hurt.

Canucks fading stars means fading hopes-The Province

Has their window closed?

Josh Harding: Is he an All-Star Goalie? - Hockey Wilderness

It sorta depends on what happens next year, right? SINCE THERE ISN'T AN ALL-STAR GAME THIS SEASON.

Ducks lose Sbisa, Fasth to injuries -

I guess it's a good thing they didn't trade Hiller, huh?

Winter Olympic hockey power rankings: Sweden is the best country on Earth -

Uh, no. That is false.

The Presidential Box-Off: Determining Which American President Would Win in a Fight - SportsPickle

Anyone who's been to The Hermitage knows Andrew Jackson has to be a real contender for the top slot. Frightening.