Sunday's Dump & Chase: And STILL.....

It wasn't pretty last night- but your Nashville Predators got two more points. And guess what? They are nearly 25% through the season while leading the best division in hockey. How long will it last? I have no clue, but I do know that good times are worth cherishing. Rejoice, sinners.

Nashville Predators News

Predators unload 50 shots on goal -

THAT'S A BIG NUMBER. Luongo had a great game.

Vesey, Stepan Talk College Hockey - Nashville Predators

#CAWLIDGEHAWKEY. Am I doing that right? I've got a high opinion on Vesey, would really like to see how he translates to the NHL.

Predators' Forsberg: "Lucky" beating Luongo - (video)

C'mon Fil, consider it a receipt for that one stop Luongo made on you in overtime.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

‘It sucks for us, it sucks for the fans’: Oilers losing skid hits six games - ProHockeyTalk

It doesn't suck for the rest of the west. I'm not sure how you manage to build a team this bad with this many top 5 picks. But the Oilers have managed to do it.

Bluenotes: Team loses Bouwmeester in win -

Jay Bouwmeester has a level of anonymity in St. Louis, but he's a very key part of that team's success. He's also one of the most durable players of our generation. So yeah, this is news.

NHL responds to concussion lawsuit, says players weren’t misled | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Pay close attention to this. The NFL's case wrapped up earlier this year, and the NHL's case could have a similar result.

Braydon Coburn wants to kill Steve Mason -

Braydon Coburn is very much a fan favorite in Philly.

Minnesota Wild don't shoot enough as winning streak ends -


Jason Demers demolishes Jarret Stoll with awesome hip check (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

This might just wake you up.

Syracuse, Utica break U.S. indoor attendance record in American Hockey League game -

Very impressive. Tampa's minor league team breaks Tampa's record.

Report: Senators working to bring Alfredsson retirement announcement to Ottawa - theScore

That's a fence that needs to be mended.

Joe Pavelski gets hit in head by puck, has hilarious reaction -

Anyone want to guess what's being said here?

And Finally.....

1. Not everyone is a Bruins fan, and the most "BOSTIN BROON" of them all is Milan Lucic. If you're not a Bruins fan, this must taste like sweet leftover holiday candy.


2. Autocorrect is a cruel, cruel mistress.

Enjoy your Sunday. The hockey team has three home games this week. If you're traveling, please be safe so you can make it back here and troll away in the comments section. Whatever. Go gold team.