Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Another Day, Another Destiny

We’ve got links for this Sunday as the NHL...does what it does.

A conversation about NCAA DI analytics with Nayan Patel | The Ice Garden
At the college level, the same data is available for men's and women's hockey. Analyst Nayan Patel talks to The Ice Garden about the work he does. Some of the things NCAA analysts are working without (shot data, time on ice) are pretty basic for the NHL fan's understanding--it's impressive what people have managed to do without that.

NHL Top 8 Mock Draft: Surprise lottery creates interesting scenarios |
The most interesting scenario here seems to be "gosh, it'll be exciting for whoever drafts Alexis Lafreniere to have drafted Alexis Lafreniere", but the lottery surprise did throw a bit of a spanner into the works, and we can't begrudge anyone the #content.

IIHF releases locations for 2021 World Championships, including Olympic qualifying tournaments | The Ice Garden
Oh right, the Olympics are approaching again. Time seems increasingly fake these days.

We've got locations and times for international women's hockey over the next year or two, including some nods to locations that were unable to host this year's Worlds.

31 Thoughts: Fallout from a contentious NHL Draft Lottery |
In addition to the usual hockey information and inside anecdotes, Friedman has some good advice on managing social media input as a sports journalist--or, probably, as anyone else who has to have a public and online presence.

1983 NHL Redraft: Hasek moves up 196 spots to No. 3 |
I should darn well hope so.

NWHL’s Toronto Six release their inaugural season jerseys | The Ice Garden
The Six have aggressively distanced themselves from the Maple Leafs and from the CWHL's Toronto Furies, as well as from the primarily blue-and-white Toronto flag. It was probably a good call, as the NWHL teams move away from NHL branding and especially given the CWHL connection for Toronto, but it's going to be weird seeing a Toronto team in red and black. The jerseys look great, though (if you like red, anyway)--crisp, aggressive, and clean.

Quick Shifts: Controversial lottery cliffhanger plays into NHL plans |
Whether the NHL actually wanted fans of all the teams in the play-in round debating whether or not they want to see their team lose immediately or hope to push on for the Stanley Cup, that's what the NHL got.

It definitely would have been a purer mood to the playoffs if they'd waited to hold the lottery until after the first play-in round (or until it was determined that the season was done).

NWHL Roster Recap: June 26 | The Ice Garden
The Pride's roster is looking pretty well fleshed-out at this point, while the Whitecaps are still working with a skeleton crew. Still, there's obviously no rush, as it'll be quite some time before the NWHL season begins.

Report: NHLPA to vote on return, CBA, cap | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
On the one hand, several seasons of flat cap would be nerve-wracking for GMs and fans. On the other hand, knowing what the cap will actually be two years from now could help in the long run, with players and GMs having a better shared sense of the future--if you sign a contract expecting the cap goes up and it doesn't, you're in a very different position than signing a contract knowing the cap won't go up. Also, escrow.

NHL Seattle expansion team making progress on nickname |
Be the Kraken you wish to see in the world. Sink fleets. Ruin cities. (Disclaimer: this is not intended as actual advice.)