Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Another Month of 2020 Gone

Not jinxing it.

NHL teams that still have big questions in free agency | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Matt Duchene was in the header image, so I already knew this article wasn't going to give me warm fuzzies, and sure enough, the question of the Predators' offense is on more minds than ours. (We'll have more for you on that as the offseason continues.)

Sharks fan goes all out to create Halloween-style 'Miracle On Ice' display |
This is incredible. Please click through on this one; it's well worth a look.

Ranking the scariest mascots in the NWHL | The Ice Garden
I, personally, am terrified of the Pride's mascot. What is that thing. Why is it--why is it looking at me. I'm not sure why TIG's Casey Bryant thinks that mascot is a reason not to be afraid of lions, but I'm going to be checking under my bed before I go to sleep.

Five thoughts about what's next for the NHL in 2020–21 and beyond |
Some interesting thoughts about offer sheets (we might see one! it could happen!), as well as on the schedule, but the thing I'm really boggling at here is the idea that an all-Canadian division during a pandemic-shortened season would be bad because, and only because, if a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup then "non-Canadians" will claim it has an asterisk.

First of all, what? I mean, sure, but there's always an argument. The Lightning only won this year because the Stars' entire roster had injury lists that sounded like an industrial accident (but everyone had that asterisk ready if some team from the play-in round actually went all the way). The Blues only won in 2019 as an early warning sign of the coming apocalypse. The Capitals only won in 2018 because they were facing an expansion team. The--you know what, let's stop right here, it's too early in the morning to get mad about Kevin Pollack refereeing without his contacts in. Brett Hull's foot was in the crease, people!

Second of all, if the Toronto Maple Leafs win a Cup in 2021 after playing in an all-Canadian division, you're telling me that Canadiens fans won't be the first in line to shout that it's not real? Or the Flames hearing it from the Oilers? Or vice versa? Nobody hates Canadian teams like fans of other, different Canadian teams.

Bodychecking will not be allowed in upcoming OHL season | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
What happened in the QMJHL was terrifying--dozens of players across two teams infected on the opening weekend, and things not improving much from there. Anything the OHL can do to protect its players, if they have to have games, sounds like a good plan.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he'd like to see OHL return with bodychecking |
I mean, that's nice for Ontario Premier Doug Ford (basically a rough equivalent of what we'd call the governor of Ontario if it were in the US), but last I checked he's neither an epidemiologist nor in charge of the OHL, so I'm not really sure he should get a say?

Unclear Tyler Seguin news is tough for Stars, but here is a silver lining | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
"Theoretically, a possibly longer offseason could encourage players to undergo surgery rather than trying to play through issues. Gutting it out would be even more ill-advised if the 2020-21 NHL schedule ends up compressed, as expected." This isn't the silver lining mentioned (that's about the Stars' young players), but to me, not a Stars fan, it's the more interesting one.

Long seasons are bad for players' health regardless; the brutally-compressed 82-game season Gary Bettman is still hoping for is going to be a catastrophe. If players actually do take more precautions, or get medical attention they might not otherwise have gotten, that'll be good.

The Wraparound: end of October | The Ice Garden
Catch up on the news from around women's hockey.

Mitchell Miller no longer part of University of North Dakota hockey team |
This was on Friday, the day after the Coyotes renounced his draft rights.

Hockey Hall of Fame announces no class will be named for 2021 |
They're postponing the induction dinner for the 2020 inductees until next year, and at the moment don't plan to have a new class to join them. Would it really be that much less special with ten guests instead of five?

Dam Good: Amanda Johansson out-duels Lindsey Post | The Ice Garden
Also, seventeen-year-old Thea Johansson (probably no relation) had a six-point game. Six! In the process, I learned that the SDHL, the top-level women's league in Sweden, has no lower age limit--T. Johansson has been playing for HV71 since the 2016-17 season, when she was either 13 or 14.