Sunday’s Dump & Chase: As Time Goes By


Revisiting big trades of 2019 NHL offseason | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I stand by everything I said about the P.K. Subban trade back in June, even though it worked out worse for the Devils (and, presumably, better for the Predators) than anyone could have expected despite the fact that Matt Duchene didn't set the world on fire either. Unless David Poile has a crystal ball--which seems unlikely--he didn't know Subban would crash this hard and he couldn't even guarantee Duchene would sign in Nashville.

Anyway, some other players got traded too.

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Boston Pride | The Ice Garden
Congrats to the one Boston team I tolerate (okay, I tolerate the Red Sox just to annoy Yankees fans, but that's a side issue) on a truly phenomenal season.

The Pride have always been good, but it's worth noting--especially in a season full of changes--that they were this good with, again, private ownership, and money.

Mixed feelings around hockey about holding NHL draft early |
Holding the draft early to make people remember hockey is not a great idea if it hurts the product of hockey. For that matter, it'll even hurt the product of the draft.

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps | The Ice Garden
I was going to say something about congratulating the one Minnesota team I tolerate, but actually: the Lynx. Anyway, the Whitecaps have never heard of a sophomore slump, and good for them.

'Slap Shot' still iconic in hockey despite sport’s changes | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Confession: I still have not seen Slap Shot. I should probably get around to it soon, especially since it’s not like I have a shortage of time.

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Connecticut Whale | The Ice Garden
Alas, poor Whale. They started so well back in 2015-16, and they basically haven't been good since then. Good to see things are finally turning around.

Canucks' Luongo unsung hero of 2011 vanquishing of Blackhawks |
This headline and article have everything: the fairly universally well-liked Roberto Luongo hockeying good; sadness for the Blackhawks; a Game 7 overtime...