Sunday's Dump & Chase: BizNasty Beats the Wrap

Hey look! It&#39;s another arbitrary, nonsensical NHL disciplinary action! In case you missed it, <a href=""><strong>all-round good guy Paul Bissonnette</strong></a> was suspended an &quot;automatic&quot; 10 games for leaving the bench to join a fight during a pres

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

50 things things to watch for and ask in the 2013-14 season -

We made the list!

Olympic torch lit in Greece; Ovechkin first Russian carrier-TSN

If I'm reading this correctly, they fly the torch to Moscow next week. Does it stay lit on the plane?

Lightning weighing decision heavily to keep Drouin | ProHockeyTalk

He's got nothing left to prove at the junior level. And Tampa is probably going to be terrible, regardless.

Time to marvel at Brodeur, while we can | New York Post

Will this be his last year?

Penguins defenceman Letang out indefinitely -

That sounds like a long time.

Tribalism and the NHL - The Hockey News

"There's ample evidence tribalism is thriving like never before in the NHL. In Chicago- where fans once stayed away from the arena in droves..." LOL, what? I thought everybody there was a 5th generation die-hard?

Tortorella and Vigneault Pull Their Teams in Opposite Directions-The Hockey Writers

Can't wait to see the Sedin brothers lead the league in blocked shots.

Phil Kessel regrets 2nd slash against Sabres' Scott | CBC Sports

Not the first one, though.

Josh Harding’s toque goalie mask is the coolest mask of the season (Photo) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Pretty sweet.

NBCSN launching two new NHL shows | Awful Announcing

More hockey, less bow hunting.

The 25 Worst College Mascots - SportsPickle

My alma mater made the cut! How about you?

10 Legendary Moments of Levity from Breaking Bad-The AP Party

Let's remember the good times, because we're not going to get any tonight.