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Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Bottled Up

Why Joe Pavelski chose Dallas over Tampa Bay for his Stanley Cup shot | Sportsnet.ca
It’s clearly working out for him so far, but choosing a team because they won a lot of one-goal games is a chancy proposition in a sport as low-scoring and therefore random as hockey.

The Lightning fall to the Stars 4-1 in the first game of the Stanley Cup Final | Raw Charge
So this was, uh, not ideal for the Lightning, or for anyone cheering against the Stars.

Blues’ Pietrangelo: Exploring free agency may be ‘best for both sides’ | Sportsnet.ca
Sounds like the Blues fell victim to one of the classic blunders: winning a Stanley Cup with a high-profile player they wanted to re-sign cheap.

Rebecca Russo returns to Riveters | The Ice Garden
This is good news for the Rivs, who need some good news.

Bettman says 2020-21 NHL season could start in December or January | Sportsnet.ca
“Bettman did say he anticipated playing a full season in 2020-21, including an 82-game campaign plus playoffs, and that “his preference would be to stay out of summer as much as possible.””

Oh, that’s worrying. A season that packed is going to feature a lot of back-to-backs, very little rest, and probably a spike in player injuries, as well as lower-quality games.

New Hampshire hub to play first PWHPA games | The Ice Garden
The players, including forwards Amanda Kessel and Alex Carpenter and goalie Katie Burt, will play two games against a US men’s junior team (boys’ team?).

Senators open pop-up COVID-19 assessment centres outside arena | Sportsnet.ca
On the one hand, it’s nice to see a feel-good story about the Senators as an organization.

On the other hand, calling anything COVID-19-related “feel-good” just does not feel right at all.