Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Breather

We and the Preds both get a few days to rest.

Nashville Predators 2, Colorado Avalanche 6: Ugly loss after uglier game | On the Forecheck
In case you missed it...lucky.

New York Rangers' Artemi Panarin fined $5,000 for throwing glove at Boston Bruins' Brad Marchand | ESPN
If he set up a GoFundMe to pay this fine, it would either be fully funded in thirty seconds flat or everyone would want to throw something at Marchand themselves instead of paying to live vicariously through Panarin, and I'm not sure which,

Heck, Marchand seems to be a decent, community-oriented guy off the ice--maybe he should arrange something like that for charity? (Just maybe not in Canada. I wouldn't trust what they'd throw at him in Canada.)

Senators' Tkachuk calls Kings' Lemieux 'gutless' after bite in scrum |
It takes some doing to make a Tkachuk far and away the most reasonable person in an argument, but Brendan Lemieux has done it.

Two New York Islanders games postponed due to COVID issues | ESPN
Hopefully the break lets the players rest and recover, and protects players who haven't gotten sick yet.

Hiring president of hockey operations logical first step for Canadiens |
I cannot believe in 2021 the Montreal Canadiens are still going with "speaks French" as their one (1) inflexible hiring criterion for the GM position. Not "good at job", but "speaks French". Guys, that's how you got Bergevin.

Around the Rink in the PHF: Week 3 | The Ice Garden
I can't imagine my roommate suddenly becoming my professional rival because I changed my employer, but that's something that one PHF household is currently dealing with.

Alex Ovechkin’s unprecedented season, Kuznetsov’s comeback season, and the goalie détente | RMNB
The folks at RMNB have charts (well, a chart) about what Ovechkin is doing this season, and it is wild.