Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Calm Before the Storm

Another slow news day, but probably one of the last such for a little while.

[Video] 2019-20 Vezina Trophy Finalists |
I do love a good save, as long as it's not being made against the Predators in a high-stakes game.

Erin Ambrose comes in second in Sportsnet Bracket Challenge in NHL20 | The Ice Garden
The virtual sports of 2020 were a bright spot in the long, hockeyless stretch.

Crosby leaves Penguins scrimmage early for undisclosed reasons |
1. If--and this is an "if", and also I hope nothing like this actually happens--the Penguins have one or more key players injured in training camp after four months of no hockey which would otherwise have allowed them to actually bring a healthy roster into the playoffs for the first time in I genuinely don't even know how long, there's a curse. There's just a curse. There's no other explanation.

2. This article stops just short of outright stating that since the team can't provide updates on a player's status, reporters have taken to asking people's teammates if they got injured before going off the ice. That's, uh, questionable.

The Leafs shouldn't be punished for investing in themselves | The Faceoff Circle
I confess, I rolled my eyes. Then I started reading the article and very rapidly came to the conclusion that a lot of NHL GMs are, uh, pretty silly. What kind of mindset does it take to see a competitor doing something smart and go "well, that should be banned" instead of "well, I should do that"?

Golden Knights to name first captain prior to next season |
Is the captaincy still relevant in the modern NHL? It gives teams someone to put on the billboards and the merch, sure, but... What do you think?