Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Eye of the Storm

We get a few days of downtime between the drafts and free agency—unless there are more trades.

2021 NHL Entry Draft: Instant Grades for the Nashville Predators | On the Forecheck
Here's Eric's summary of the draft, with links to articles on the individual picks if you want to know more.

Everything you need to know about Sunday’s NWHL’s International Draft | The Ice Garden
In case the NHL's drafting this weekend hasn't satisfied you, the NWHL is holding an international draft this afternoon, as each team gets a chance to claim players from overseas.

The winners and losers from a busy 2021 NHL Draft weekend |
I'm not sure how many of these I agree with. What do you think?

Arizona Coyotes pick Shane Doan's son Josh in second round of NHL draft | ESPN
The fact that the elder Doan only retired four years ago, but has a child young enough to be drafted this year, is surreal. I’m not sure which half of that sentence seems stranger to me.

New Capitals draft pick Brent Johnson says he thinks he was named after former Capital Brent Johnson: ‘That’s the myth’ | RMNB
A fun draft-related human-interest bit.

In Maple Leafs' talks with Oilers about Hyman, Dubas isn't bending the knee |
I remember when Dubas was hired as GM and everyone thought the Leafs were on the way up. Now...oof.

Edmonton Oilers, Mike Smith reach two-year, $4.4M deal | ESPN
Good for Smith. Sure. Fine for them too, I guess. Smith has been good recently, though how long that would be the case I wouldn’t dare try to guess, between his age and his general goalieness.

Beauts General Manager Nate Oliver has a method to his signing madness | The Ice Garden
Our colleagues at the Ice Garden give us an interesting look at the thought process behind at least one GM's roster management methods.