Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Familiar

I don’t want to talk about it. Leave me alone.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators 0, Pittsburgh Penguins 4: Demons of June | On the Forecheck
Hello darkness my old friend...

Nashville Predators announce home-opener event schedule | Tennessean
Take a look at all the GLORIOUS festivities scheduled before the puck drops on Tuesday.

C-Mace with the shade.

Other Hockey News & Notes

James Neal lifts Golden Knights to win over Stars in franchise debut | Sportsnet

Be Happy For James Neal With Vegas Golden Knights, But He's Gone | Tennessean
Man... this is going to get old really fast, isn't it?

Ovechkin makes history with back-to-back hat tricks | Sportsnet
Huh, that seems fun. The Preds should try to score some goals next game. Looks like a blast.

Can Mike Smith excel behind the Calgary defence? | Sportsnet
Mike Smith performed admirably in his Calgary Flames debut. Now we wait and see how he'll fare with a full season behind Calgary's vaunted blue line.

Now that Eichel’s deal is done, what’s the price tag for Matthews, Laine extensions? | The Hockey News
SPOILER ALERT: It's going to be a lot.

A look at how Jake Gardiner has improved under Mike Babcock | Sportsnet
Now it may just be me, but do you ever feel like the praise for Mike Babcock is massively overblown at times?

Jagr postpones debut with Calgary Flames, skips home-opener | Sportsnet
Jagr apparently felt that he was not ready for the home opener. In a shocking turn of events, It turns out that as you get older it's harder to get into playing shape.

Hockey's 'hat trick' traces roots to cricket | NHL
"It's been 100 years since the NHL season began with four hat tricks in season-opening games, which happened on the first two nights of 2017-18."