Sunday's Dump & Chase: Happy Father's Day!

If you can call your Dad today, do it. And if he's famous, could you have him call me, too? Doesn't have to be Brad Pitt... will settle for Kanye or David Hasselhoff. Thanks a bunch.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Nashville Predators Need A Net-Front Presence-The Hockey Writers

Should trade for Hornqvist, IMO.

Can young GMs smash old school collusion on offer sheets? | Puck Daddy

I hope so. It would certainly make things more fun.

Your First Official NHL Offseason Primer " Grantland

The Preds are not mentioned at all, so now I'm sort of expecting some wild deal in the next week or so.

Mikael Backlund re-signs with Calgary Flames | Calgary Sun


Executive Decisions: Kings face 'tricky' summer -

Dustin Brown being signed through 2022 is hilarious.

Trading Vincent Lecavalier may be tough for the Flyers-Puck Drunk Love

Your #Hot #Sports #Take of the day.

Report: ‘Contentious relationship’ between Coyotes, Glendale ongoing for past six months | ProHockeyTalk

Really? Seems like it's been much, much, much longer.

What can you find in this 26-billion-pixel photo from Game 6 of the final? | The Hockey News

It's like a "Where's Waldo?" for vomit and disrespect toward Native Americans.

Authorities seize $180,000 worth of counterfeit NHL merchandise around Stanley Cup final -

That's something like 5000 fake Griswold jerseys. Wow.

An Open Letter to Gary Buttman, Destroyer of Dreams - Battle of California

I've been a big supporter of The Commish in the past, but now I'm not so sure. #FreeStace

10 Movie Dads Who Kick Ass (Photos) - The Hollywood Reporter

Liam Neeson is on the list, but I'm not so sure. He did allow his family to be "Taken" THREE TIMES. Seems a little irresponsible.