Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Holding Pattern

There’s news about future news, if that counts for anything new.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

[crickets chirping]

Other News & Notes

Cap crunch: Rangers, Penguins, Flames among teams that need moves | ProHockeyTalk
The Vegas Golden Knights finally aren't in the worst cap situation, but they've still got problems. We have more trades coming this summer, folks. Hang in there.

Jets, Lightning still have big RFA challenges to deal with | ProHockeyTalk
So do the Vancouver Canucks, which sure is a situation for the Vancouver Canucks to be having at this immediate moment. [checks last year's standings] Hm, yeah.

Ben Chiarot says it took little persuading to sign with the Canadiens |
A familiar name was a big part of Chiarot's decision to sign in Montreal. I'm not really sure how much a 28-year-old who doesn't drive play is going to be able to learn from Shea Weber, but, you know what, good for Chiarot for thinking of Weber anyway.

Maple Leafs teammates mock William Nylander’s summer look | ProHockeyTalk
Even just this single photo, which Nylander voluntarily put on the internet for people to see, drops his Handsomeness Above Replacement stat considerably.

Kunlun Red Stars Vanke Rays officially joining the Russian Women’s Hockey League | The Ice Garden
One team--probably best known among casual North American fans for being the team where Noora Räty played--survived the CWHL's closing and has found a new home. The CWHL's Chinese expansion was kind of a weird story throughout; it's good to see that some of the players at least will be able to continue as they had been. Whether Räty will be among those players is yet to be seen.

Flames counting on freshly re-signed Rittich to be alpha dog in net |
When I think of goalies, I definitely think “alpha dog”. Definitely. Canines are absolutely the animal that comes to mind. Alpha dogs, especially, as they posture and growl at each other.

(Goalies are cats.)