Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Holding Pattern

We go on.

How to manage anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic | Vox
Some advice from the mothership of motherships on what we can be doing right now if we need to (and we probably do need to, because this is definitely a stressful time).

IIHF cancels 2020 world championship due to COVID-19 outbreak |
Not surprising, and definitely smart, but still sad.

Cannon Quarantine: Comfort from canines | The Cannon
They're good dogs, Brent.

Islanders' Lamoriello on Barzal's future, why he likes small jersey numbers |
I can't decide if it's weirder that Lamiorello answered fan questions or that he didn't sound like the Godfather in any of his answers.

The Making of the NWHL in NHL19 video game | The Ice Garden
The Ice Garden is going to be doing a virtual NWHL season with a virtual Isobel Cup Final, and I for one am here for it even though I don't know anything about video games.

Assessing which NHL defencemen have the best transition game |
Samuel Girard, P.K. Subban, and [sigh] Ryan Suter all get mentioned positively in this article or its accompanying graphs.

...yeah. Uh. Happy Sunday, everyone?

Atlas Obscura's WFH (Wonder From Home) | Atlas Obscura
Not sports at all, but an article from a side that collects weird, fun, interesting, and beautiful places and experiences, with links to some virtual things you can check out from home right now as well as discussion of why it still matters.