Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Idle

We’re all just drifting.

Me, I’m gutting through the last few days of the month’s notice I gave at my day job before this all started, and it’s been...hectic.


Brian's Custom Sports to produce medical supplies to fight COVID-19 |
The number of businesses that are volunteering to change their focus and figuring out how to make medical supplies is amazing--and horrifying that they need to.

Ryan Getzlaf's NHL pause project? A chicken coop | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I am emphatically not fond of Getzlaf as a human, but I have to say, this is kind of a cool story in the abstract. At my household we're just ordering seeds and stuff for raised vegetable beds.

Bill Daly sees summer 'window' to complete NHL season, playoffs |
Okay, Bill.

I mean, don't get me wrong--I'm hoping, but I have doubts.

NBC to replay 2018 Olympics gold medal game on Sunday | The Ice Garden
If you feel like watching Team USA win gold, NBC will re-air the 2018 Olympic women's gold-medal game at noon Central today. If you hate shootouts...well, don't we all hate shootouts.

(Me, I'm still holding out for Noora Raty to win gold somewhere, sometime. Get back to me about every other country after that.)

Connor McDavid on NHL jumping into playoffs: 'A fair season is a full season' |
Mark Giordano accidentally out here suggesting the NHL needs to de-compress the schedule and allow players more rest because people play better hockey when they're healthy. Oops!

NHL players possibly considering retirement | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
This is's so weird. The whole thing is weird; these players' situations are extra-weird.

Quick Shifts: Lafreniere talks 'fun' chance of joining Senators |
Is this a cry for help?