Sunday's Dump & Chase: Letdown

Shea Weber won the hardest slapshot competition, as expected, but his speed was way down from last year. Subban gave his spot to Nathan MacKinnon. I feel cheated.

Around Hockey

Bettman: It would take a ridiculous amount of money to put ads on jerseys |
I have trouble believing him.

The 2017 All-Star Game by the Numbers | The Hockey Writers
Over/under on the number of goals scored today?

NHL isn't optimistic about participation at 2018 Olympics - CBC
Because who likes exposure and happy fans and happy players?

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Colton Keith: Sharks fan.

Mario Lemieux 'absolutely' sees a day when Penguins retire Jaromir Jagr's number | Puck Daddy
But what if Florida does it first.

Wayne Gretzky: To be NHL's best, Connor McDavid must dethrone Sidney Crosby | USA Today
It's hard to take anything Gretzky says seriously, since he'd call a ham sandwich the best player in the league if his lunch was particularly filling.

‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Marchand knows he’s never going to be liked | ProHockeyTalk
If only he were "good for 81 games of the year", but he isn't. It doesn't matter how many goals he scores.

Countdown to TradeCentre: Duchene's asking price could be steep - TSN
There's steep, which is his value, and there's the rumored asking price, which is insane.

In support of Mr. 101, who just missed the NHL's all-time list -
Your fav probably got left off.

Two former college hockey stars bypassed the NWHL to play for free | ESPN
Headline aside, this is a very interesting article about the financial decisions that go into these women's decisions on where to play and how to make a living.