Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Like a Poem

Things are falling into place.

PWHPA unveils Toronto-based club as 'Team Sonnet' |
Up until I learned that Team Sonnet is named after another sponsor (good for the PWHPA), I was thinking "...poetry theme naming? Do we have Team Triolet, Team Villanelle, etc. coming up?"

The uniforms are...fine. Kind of a European feel, which makes sense given the advertising.

Arizona Coyotes have limited tanking options in 2020-21 NHL season | ProHockeyTalk
I hadn't realized just how badly John Chayka set the place on fire on his way out. As a hockey fan living in Arizona who'd like people to stop being confused by the concept of ice hockey (hey, Coyotes and Roadrunners, fix your marketing), this frustrates me, but as a person who doesn't plan to be making small talk in person any time soon...well, maybe by the time we have a vaccine they'll be on the upswing, though hopefully the vaccine won’t take that long.

Dam Good: A big two-win weekend for HV71 | The Ice Garden
I really love the Swedish approach to skater positions, which is basically a big shrug emoji. Defender Sidney Morin is averaging well over a point per game this season and her OTGWG from last weekend (giffed in the article) is very much a forward kind of thing, and very nice too.

Keeping Tatar, Danault will be challenge worth trying for Canadiens | ProHockeyTalk
Breaking: not letting good players walk without any return is *checks notes* smart.

Canadian Division Power Rankings: Who’s the best in the land? |
"[W]e should also remember that all seven of Canada’s teams are as flawed as they are fun to watch." Were...were any Canadian hockey fans in danger of forgetting this? All the ones I know despair over their own teams almost but not quite as much as they hate every other Canadian team, and maybe also the Boston Bruins. (Do Canucks fans still hate the Bruins too or did they exorcise those demons with a bit of light arson?)

...Actually, I think all the Oilers fans I know might hate their own team even more than they hate any other team.

2020 women’s hockey gift guide | The Ice Garden
If you're not quite done with your holiday shopping and you have a women's hockey fan in your life, the folks at TIG have put together a pretty comprehensive and international list, from gear to books, accessories, and more.