Sunday's Dump & Chase: Moving Right Along

We're far enough into the season to see what everybody's got and the standings should begin shaking out shortly. Our beloved team is frankly looking a bit dire, but I've moved on to Tuesday's match-up versus a surprisingly competent Arizona team.

Nashville News & Notes

Predators happy to be home after tough road trip | The Tennessean
We were so optimistic, so hopeful, just a few hours ago...

NHL referee comically forgets what the ruling is after a goal review |
Makes you think.

Saros and Arvidsson Heading to Nashville | Admirals Roundtable
Admirals Roundtable reacts to the Saros and Arvidsson call-ups.

Colin Wilson: Expectations Unrealized - Today's Slap Shot
I have no expectations anymore. Some points would be nice, though.

Around the NHL

Carlo Colaiacovo in hospital with 'dented trachea' |
That's just a really unfortunate play.

Hockey fights are in decline and fans are partly to blame - Quartz
I'm okay with watching wins instead of punches, I will admit.

Cult of Hockey: Oiler GM Peter Chiarelli wisely plays down trade rumours | Edmonton Journal
The Oilers won't be making the playoffs this year, so they don't need to make moves, so they won't make the playoffs in the future, etc.

Alain Vigneault wonders who you'd prefer as a son: Henrik Lundqvist or Brad Marchand? | Puck Daddy
Vigneault, asking the tough questions.

NHL needs to do more to eliminate late hits, but doesn't seem to want to | CBS Sports
I'm not sure that I agree with this take, but it's something to consider.

Blackhawks preternatural confidence rubs off on new players | Chicago Sun-Times
"Preternatural confidence" is certainly one way to put it. I think I have "confidence" PTSD.

Patrick Kane of Chicago Blackhawks sets record with point in 19th consecutive game | ESPN
Gretzky's record is untouchable, right?

Columbus' Brandon Dubinsky suspended one game for hit on Sidney Crosby | USA Today
The wheel o' justice said one game.