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Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Precipice

Blue vs Gold Game 1: Nashville Predators Scrimmage Report | On the Forecheck
Shaun reports on scrimmages.

Getting to Know the New Central: Dallas Stars | Defending Big D
Well, at least the Nashville Predators aren’t the only team out there putting their players in extremely theme outfits for photos. Catch up with the Stars here.

Fueled by a youth hockey player, Souliotis continues her fundraising for Epilepsy Foundation New England | The Ice Garden
“Over the course of five seasons we’ve seen NWHL players raise money for students’ learning materials, suicide prevention causes, cancer research, and many more causes. In a job that is often a nights and weekends thing for these players while they can only currently make at most a $15,000 salary from it, it may be hard for some to understand why they extend a hand even further to those in need.”

NHL 2020-21 East Division season preview | Sportsnet.ca
The East Division is where all the big-name rivalries went.in realignment, I guess. I mean, that and Canada.

Avs, Knights, Blues make realigned West tall at the top | ProHockeyTalk
…I think the realigned West has the most teams I absolutely can’t stand out of any division. Every other division has at least three teams I’d be fine seeing make the playoffs (unlikely as it might be); the West has…two? And they’re both bad.

Report: Penguins cancel practice due to potential exposure to COVID-19 | Sportsnet.ca
More “abundance of caution” language. It seems like the reason the bubble worked so well was that it was, y’know, a bubble.

Fans no longer allowed at Lightning, Raptors games due to COVID-19 spike | Sportsnet.ca
Meanwhile, Amalie Arena is shutting down as Florida continues to burn. Metaphorically burn. That wasn’t an invitation, 2021, please, I have a dear friend who lives not far from there and I know a lot of other people live there or have loved ones who do as well.

PWHPA schedule for Tampa USPHL games released | The Ice Garden
The PWHPA will be playing three upcoming exhibition games against USPHL teams this week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. In, uh, Florida again, so best wishes to everyone involved.

Islanders re-sign Mathew Barzal to 3-year contract | ProHockeyTalk
At $7M a season for the next three years, that’s not half bad. I think a lot of teams have a player with at least that cap hit they’d be happy to replace with Barzal.

Canadiens season preview: Can forward depth make up for lack of star power? | Sportsnet.ca
I mean, it hasn’t yet, but 2021 has already started off pretty weird. Stranger things have happened.

Corey Crawford retires from NHL after 10 year career | ProHockeyTalk
That escalated quickly. Less than 24 hours ago, I was clipping an article that he’d gone from “maintenance” to “personal leave.” Still, sometimes when your mind’s made up, it gets made up immediately.

I wish Crawford the best in his retirement.

Intelligence Briefing: Stalking the Nashville Predators | Defending Big D
“The real big question facing Nashville is what to do with Matt Duchene.” Taylor is not wrong. It’s a pretty short article, but a nice look across the team lines regardless, and I might do some of that again myself this season—what do y’all think?

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