Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Progress?

The NHL is making plans.

Hockey Canada staffer tests positive for virus at World Junior camp |
This does not feel like great news. Best wishes to the staffer and the people Hockey Canada has placed them into quarantine with.

Braden Holtby’s two tortoises, finally back at home in Canada, pose for photo | RMNB
The saga of one man, two tortoises, and one international border has finally come to a happy ending.

How 10 NHL players and prospects are faring with European clubs |
Some teams, like the Red Wings, Blue Jackets, and Jets, have multiple players on this list. Other teams do not have multiple players--or indeed any players--on this list. Fortunately, we have Eric to keep us up to date on the Predators' prospects overseas.

2020-21 NCAA Preview: Newcomers to watch in the WCHA | The Ice Garden
Looking to start watching some women's college hockey, or already been doing it for some time? TIG's Anne Tokarski sums up some of the potential new impact players in the Midwest...

2020-21 NCAA Preview: Newcomers to watch in Hockey East | The Ice Garden
...and on the East Coast.

Thoughts on what looks like the plan for a 2020-21 NHL season |
I have a couple of thoughts of my own.

One is that "This, you may note, is like three weeks from now. Using our “pandemic time” to “normal time” conversion rate that’s still about 6,000 years, but hey, it could be worse." is a work of art, as a sentence.

Another is that claiming a season can't be shorter than 60 games because if the 2018-19 season had been five or so games shorter than that, the Blues wouldn't have made the playoffs, is a take calculated to endear yourself to Blues fans and approximately nobody else.

A third is that the idea of cutting travel might actually be a good thing.

Bored after surgery, Tyler Seguin laments having to read books | RMNB