Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Promise of Rain

It’s a bit of a desert right now, but more news is coming, and there are rumors of storm surges on the way.

Benn, Seguin are still Dallas Stars under the most pressure | ProHockeyTalk
Yeah, but the team is probably going to keep upper management away from hot mics this year, so it won't be nearly as much fun. Also, I gotta say, Tyler Seguin played very well last season.

New York Rangers expect to open camp with Chris Kreider on roster |
Goalies elsewhere across the Metropolitan Division just cringed.

Why Possession is the Key to Zone Exits | Hockey Graphs
I feel like everyone focuses so much on icings being bad (which they are) that the general badness of dumping the puck out--even when it's a temporary success--gets overlooked. Just say no.

Oops: Robin Lehner shares big typo on his Masterton Trophy | ProHockeyTalk
The entire city of New York is angry right now and most of them don’t even know why.

Q&A with Finland’s Susanna Tapani | The Ice Garden
Susanna Tapani has medaled for Finland in three different sports. That is beyond ridiculous. I don't know what ringette is, but now I need to know.

...Okay, according to Wikipedia "the game objective [of ringette] is to outscore the opposing team." Thanks. (Seems to be similar to hockey, but with a ring instead of a puck, and stricter rules about who can do what where on the ice/court.)

Storm Surge could be back for Hurricanes, Foegele says |
Gosh I hope so. It was fun, it was totally harmless, the fans enjoyed it, the team apparently enjoyed it, and it made Don Cherry really angry--what more can anyone ask of anything in hockey?