Sunday's Dump & Chase: Proper Preparation

Specifically, food preparation. Please make sure all your raw meats are heated to their recommended temperatures, and don't eat the lukewarm stuff I imagine gets served in the bowels of Joe Lewis Arena. Both your taste buds and the rest of you will thank you.

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The moral of the story is Detroit sucks.

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Their record isn't anything to panic about, but the reason they're losing is.

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Not good news.

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Well, the other option is to have a flat cap and stop artificially inflating it via escrow every summer.

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Barclay's just gets worse and worse.

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I'm not sure goalie's save percentages being down is anything more than an inverse of the thing they're trying to explain, but there have been an awful lot of goals.

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There's a lot more to making a successful franchise than plopping a team down and expecting fans to come.

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That's certainly unique.

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They were developing actual strategies during practice. That's weird.

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Getting points is better than not getting points, but winning from behind runs out eventually.