Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Roundups

A lot has happened this week.

Eichel's agents on Sabres trade talks: 'The process is not working' |
Is anyone surprised? Anyone? Bueller?

NHL to investigate claims of thrown games made by Evander Kane’s wife | Fear The Fin
What a mess.

Hockey has never cared about survivors, and it’s getting worse | RMNB
This is from earlier this week, but it is, unfortunately, topical yet again.

New York Rangers acquire winger Ryan Reaves from Vegas Golden Knights for '22 pick | ESPN
The NHL could just have suspended Tom Wilson.

Two sentences on every free agent signing of significance in the NHL |
Catch up on all the chaos here.

The five very best deals of NHL free agency, plus one deal that was not very good at all | RMNB
I have to admit, I didn't get it until the endnote, but now I'm thinking about how (at least in theory) fans' interests often do align with management's interests--not because fans like the ownership more than the players but because both fans and owners presumably want the team to win games--while players...well, want to win games, unless they're throwing them, but need job security and income. Weird thoughts to be having late at night, which is when I compile these.

Longtime Boston Bruins center David Krejci returning to native Czech Republic | ESPN
I can't believe Krejci has been in the NHL for fifteen years.

IIHF releases (new) schedule for 2021 World Championships | The Ice Garden
We finally have dates for women's worlds, starting next week!