Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Slow, Slower, Slowest?

Nothing is happening.

I don’t even have a successful recipe for peanut butter cookies made with sourdough discard to give y’all yet, because I haven’t managed to tinker with the one I found to my liking.

Instead, “some” “hockey” “news”:

Flames GM Treliving sensing positive NHL news next week |
No inside information here, but it's interesting to see the NHL continue to push for resumption.

NWHL Roster Recaps: May 9 | The Ice Garden
The NWHL's rosters for next season are starting to take shape.

31 Thoughts: How a 24-team NHL playoff structure could work |
Good news: ECHL players are getting paid.

PWHPA details a new structure for 2020-21 season | The Ice Garden
The decision to drop the Buffalo and Tri-State Area regions is an interesting one which I wish I knew enough about to speculate.

Remember When? Nordiques play final game before relocating |
And Quebec still hasn't gotten over it.