Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Stayin’ Alive

The Preds’ playoff hopes aren’t dead yet.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

The Kings absolutely walloped the Wild last night, helping the Predators—who also helped themselves.

Nashville Predators 1, Dallas Stars 0 Recap: 100% Juice, 100% Saves | On the Forecheck
So, that Juuse Saros, huh.

Coronavirus News & Notes

(Also, while we’re on the subject, PSA: don’t be one of the jerks hoarding injection prep wipes because the store was out of hand sanitizer or surface disinfectant. Leave those for the people who need them and buy soap instead.)

There have been mixed reports on what teams will be doing with regards to media and locker room interviews, so no contradictory news there yet—Elliotte Friedman said one thing; some teams themselves have contradicted him; who knows.

2020 World Championships in Canada officially canceled due to coronavirus | The Ice Garden
Devastating news for the women who have been training all year for this.

NHL lays out coronavirus contingency plan, could impact playoffs |
I don't understand the plan to potentially pause games for a week or two. Like...if they have to interrupt the NHL schedule because it's not safe to be gathering thousands of people in one building, that's not likely to be resolved later that month.

NHL finalizing date for draft lottery in April |
It’s April 9, maybe, unless it gets moved because games get moved. The lottery itself could be safely held at any time, but if the regular-season schedule gets shuffled, they obviously can’t hold the lottery before the season ends.

Other News & Notes

2020 Isobel Cup Playoffs Preview: Riveters at Whitecaps | The Ice Garden
If you're looking for some hockey to watch this afternoon, the Isobel Cup Playoffs start (or continue, after Friday’s play-in game) at 12:30 PM Central.

Kotkaniemi injures spleen playing for Canadiens affiliate in AHL |
How do you injure your spleen in a hockey game?!

How NHL Seattle is changing the game with focus on diversity |
I think Seattle is doing a lot of things extremely right. I also think that the Golden Knights set such a ridiculous standard for an expansion team that Seattle is going to have to clear an almost impossible bar in a lot of fans' minds--if you think teams like the Hurricanes and Coyotes get a lot of scrutiny for being "analytics teams", Seattle is going to be "that analytics team that insisted on hiring people who weren't white guys", and every perfectly normal hockey struggle they have is going to be blamed on that.

Roberto Luongo’s number 1 retired by the Florida Panthers | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I can't be the only one thinking of Pekka Rinne right now.

The Wraparound: March 5 | The Ice Garden
Catch up on women’s hockey news from around the world, including hires and a paper about what Canada can do about racism in hockey.

Claude Giroux, Carter Hart extend Flyers winning streak | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Wait, the Flyers have a NINE-game winning streak?

Léa-Kristine Demers’ NWHL debut a wild, whirlwind weekend | The Ice Garden
Four goalies seems like a little much, but whatever works for the Beauts, I guess. (Note: it did not actually work for the Beauts, who for the first time in franchise history will not make the Isobel Cup Final.)

Bruins, Lightning brawl late in second period on Saturday night | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I feel like not enough penalty minutes were handed out here.

Sabres goaltender Carter Hutton gives up one of the dumbest goals of all time   | Russian Machine Never Breaks
oh no