Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Suspense

“The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts.” We’ve got some links, most of which aren’t even about the SCF.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Official Podcast: Dan Lambert Talks Power Play Philosophy |
Power play philosophy and Matt Duchene rumors? It's someone's lucky day.

Photos: Best of Pekka Rinne in 2018-19 |
All Pekka Rinne is the best of Pekka Rinne (except, alas, when it isn’t). These photos are pretty good too, though.

Other News & Notes

Braden Holtby arrives at Capital Pride Parade wearing a peace shirt   | Russian Machine Never Breaks
Still waiting for the Preds to announce what they're doing for Pride Month, but in the meantime Braden Holtby continues to be a delight. (Can we borrow him? Just for a little while? We'll be very careful and we won't make him play any hockey so it's not like it'd be a contract violation...)

Charlotte Checkers beat Chicago Wolves in five games to win Calder Cup |
Good news for the Carolina Hurricanes' affiliate, at least. If only the parent team could have been adding to the pile this week.

Why the SDHL TV deal matters | The Ice Garden
Women's hockey in Sweden just got a multi-year TV broadcast deal.

Three UFA risks to be wary of overpaying this summer |
The good news is that the Predators are unlikely to try to sign two of these three, let alone overpay them. The bad news is that the third is Wayne Simmonds, so who knows.

Four UFA bargains to target this summer for specific reasons |
Some interesting names and reasoning here. Are you in camp "[Big-Name UFA] or Bust" or open to tinkering?

OYO Sports stops production of NHL collectible mini-figures | Russian Machine Never Breaks
If you wanted a teeny LEGO-compatible hockey player to step on, manufacturing has ceased--grab one now or forever hold your peace.

Bruins, Blues in familiar places heading into Game 6 | ProHockeyTalk
Do I buy any of the "Team X is undefeated in Y situation when the moon is full" narratives? Not completely. Anyway, it's tonight, 7PM Central.

Special team: Blues penalty kill has them on verge of Cup | ProHockeyTalk
Imagine having five consecutive power plays getting killed off be a strange thing. Bruins fans don't realize how good they have it.

7 Huge Apocalypses (That Might Happen In Your Lifetime) |
I was fine until I got to the second-to-last one, and then I kind of wished I'd stopped reading sooner. But hey, palate cleanser.