Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Tending the Tumbleweeds

Zone entries are cool, right?

Report: Former Oilers GM Chiarelli interviews with Wild |
Do it. Do it. Do it.

Sabres avoid arbitration; reach deals with McCabe, Ullmark | ProHockeyTalk
The Sabres have officially joined the cap-trouble party. What do you think about these deals? And how do you see the Preds solving the Grimaldi issue?

Exit Types Don’t Affect Entry Quality (Much) | Hockey Graphs
A neat look at the 200-foot game, and how zone exits do and don't affect zone entries, with some possible lessons that coaches could learn. I love end-to-end plays, but it seems like they're not as repeatable as my heart wants them to be.

Coyotes are unpredictable, even by NHL’s random standards | ProHockeyTalk
Listen, it was Thursday's article about the Coyotes or Friday's article about how in the world the Bruins are possibly going to endure only having a single Cup win in the last decade in spite of their two other Final appearances.

Besides, I liked seeing the good and the bad luck that the Coyotes had last year all spelled out--things went wrong that shouldn't have, but things also went right that shouldn't have. It'll be interesting to see how this season goes. (I'm still hoping they get good enough that I can actually talk hockey with my coworkers at the day job, personally.)

Team USA announces 2019 Women’s National Festival details | The Ice Garden
Hockey! In August! Starting tomorrow! The bad news is that unless you happen to be in the Lake Placid area, it doesn't seem to be available--tickets are on sale, but I couldn't find anything about broadcasting or even streaming in either this writeup or USA Hockey's site.

C'mon, folks, it's August, help us out here.