Sunday’s Dump & Chase: The Sound of Silence

Or something.

My cat is giving me a little too much help trying to put this together.

Quick Shifts: If the NHL must jump right into playoffs... |
I do not love the idea of suggesting that maybe, if they knew it was their last chance for the season, players through or risk injury. Really? You gotta? Stick to suggesting coaching changes like the goalie-pull one.

How NCAA women’s hockey players are creating their own content | The Ice Garden
Major media won't give the NCAA women's teams the same attention they do men's, but some of the players are working to fill in the gap.

Jokerit pulls out of KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs due to coronavirus | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
The KHL has not canceled its season, but Finnish team Jokerit is opting out regardless. Kudos to them; that's a very difficult choice to have made, but a good one.

ECHL cancels remaining of 2019-20 season, playoffs due to COVID-19 |
Kind of surprised the ECHL took so long, honestly.

When Coaches Have No Answers — The Dallas Stars’ Scoring Struggles | Defending Big D
This is a great, thorough look at the gap between what is happening, what the coach may or may not want to be happening, and what the coach is actually saying.

10 fun activities to spend time on while waiting for hockey to return | Hockey Wilderness
If you're completely stumped, the folks at Hockey Wilderness have put together some basic suggestions.